Staying connected in the winter months


In a world increasingly leaning toward technology and the long winters we have it can be very hard to stay connected to your spirituality without comfortable and easy access to nature. I know you can still go outside but I get cold very easily and it can be a lot of prep just to try and get out for a little bit of fresh air on really nasty days and weeks.

So what do you do to keep connected? We recently discussed this online in the grove I was surprised to see I was not alone in the struggle. So I really started putting some thought into it…..

If you are a big social media user, try looking for local groups or just online communities. I have recently become slightly obsessed with #pagansofinstagram and #wildwoman_witchcraft on Instagram. I also Liked, The Moon Journal on Facebook. It can sound hokey but sometimes seeing inspiring images or stories can help you to feel connected or inspire you to take on something new.


Reach out to fellow members of your path or pagans in general and set up “coffee dates”. You can talk about what is going on in the community; discuss pagan intellect or just chit chat knowing you are in the company of people who have similar interests. If coffee isn’t your thing, maybe start a reading club. Check out, The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben.

Bring nature inside. If you have any window space at all, bring in some plants so you can have a little wildlife inside. This goes for your workplace as well. I have a little plant that I keep on my office desk and move to a nearby window on sunny days / over weekends.


Start planning, shopping and preparing for your upcoming garden. You can start your seeds inside and it will give you a nurturing nature project to focus on. If you don’t have a green thumb (you aren’t alone) draw or make lists of what you would like to plant when the garden centres open up. Check out some gardening sites or books to really get inspired. I bought The Gardeners Bible (I know…. I know…) and I love it! It comes complete with information on soils and also companion planting. It was a truly inspiring read and I find it very easy to reference.

Finally, if you still cannot connect and you are really struggling, try adjusting your perception. Winter is a natural slowing time, maybe your body needs the break and you just haven’t realized it yet. This is a good time to rest and recharge. Aim to be grateful and explore the gratitude path when you embrace the season as she is.