The Grove of Nova Scotia Druids originally formed in 2002. Three, at that time solitary, druids looking for more met at an annual pagan festival and decided the time to act had come. For the first few years, people came and went, but the three held fast to the belief that the Grove would survive. They compiled what they felt were the core ideals and requirements for this budding undertaking, and those became the roots of our organization. Later we became part of the ADF network, and have since enjoyed the hospitality, leadership, and educational aspects of that relationship.

In 2004, we performed our first ever public ritual at the pagan festival, with 227 attendees. Since then we have strived to ensure that we maintain a connection to our roots, while stepping eagerly but cautiously into the future. We aim to allow the community at large to experience our methods of worship and practice in a welcoming and interactive manner.

Today, 17 years later, we are still a small Grove that prizes a family-knit structure and cooperation. We have been guests on local pagan radio shows, held Druid 101 information sessions at local book stores, and offered coffee chats which are open to the public.

What We've Achieved

  • Received Government Non Profit Status

  • Participated 4 years in Halifax Interfaith week as a Ritual holder as well as presenters

  • Yearly donations to Feed Nova Scotia

  • Worked closely with the Nova Scotia Health Authority to implement Pagan pastoral services in Hospitals.