Our Neighbours

www.adf.org – Home of the ADF Druids worldwide

www.druidry.org – Our British founded friends in OBOD

www.druidry.co.uk – Another UK Druid group

FB Group – Canadian Druid Network Facebook

www.aoda.org – Ancient Order of Druids in America

www.keltria.org – Henge of Keltria

www.druidnetwork.org – Druid network

www.dancinglightsgrove.ca –  Dancing Lights Grove (Oshawa, ON)

www.redmaplegrove.org – Red Maple Grove (Ottawa, ON)

www.lakeofoaks.ca – Lake of Oaks Grove (Ottawa, ON)

www.thornhavenadf.wordpress.com – Thornhaven Grove (Inkerman, ON)

www.garry-oak.ca - Garry Oak Grove (Duncan, BC)