Personal Shrine.

We are blessed with the ability to have multiple small shrines around our home. I will focus on the two of them which are the most important to us and the reason I chose these two out of the many we have access to. In a sense our entire home is something we view as a shrine. There are various pagan elements and symbols all around us and this is the life we have chosen to live and embrace.


The first is a small indoor home shrine we have on a unique area of our home. We have an older stair case with is no longer used and is now sealed off from the rest of the home. We use this space in our home as a changing alter fro season to season. Various gods are represented through the year and various objects are used to represent the various kindred. We create our own incense to burn here as well as create our own candles and harvest our own herbs. Its a beautiful little space we walk past on a daily basis.

The other shrine is in a sense our family shrine. The Oak tree which grows was a tree me and my wife planted originally at our hand fasting and then as a family watered on our wedding day.  This tree to us signifies our families growth and the spreading of the brands shows the growth of my friends. At the base of the tree is a large anvil from my grandfather. This represents the stability and strength our family has. It remains outside in the winter and we allow the rain to rust it. No matter what happens is remains strong and and unmoving just like our family.