Mabon, the Fall Equinox or Alban Elfed, takes place around September 21-22 when, once again, the night and day are of equal lengths. It is time to rest, to pay respect to the impending darkness and give thanks for the sunlight and all it has provided. Be sure to harvest and store your crop, in preparation for the oncoming winter.

As Druids, we pay special attention to the Green Man by offering libations to the trees in honour of his sacrifice. He dies once more with the final harvest and his seeds will be planted again to ensure the continuation of life and the turning of the wheel.

As this is the second Harvest Festival, people will often gather for feasts and enjoy the fruits of their labours. It is customary to take out your finery and enjoy a lavish meal. Finish your business and projects; this is a time for rest and reflection.

Decorate your home with fall colours —reds, oranges, browns, golds— and enjoy some traditional activities, like herb-drying and wine-making. This is a fantastic time of year for canning your preserves and saving your seeds for winter and the coming new year.