Altar Layout

A couple weekends age our Grove attended a festival and hosted the Closing Ritual for all the festival goers. It was an honour and we were happy to put our well versed Rituals into the public eye. As with all things, we wanted to make a  nice display of our altar and I thought it may be nice to share…

It can be challenging to find altar layouts and especially hard to find them with pictures. This layout is based one the ADF Druid 1.1.1 Documents and has been our standard for some time. Almost every item on the table has a very specific purpose and is called for at the beginning of each Ritual in the Setup.


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Oats: Offering to the Outdwellers

Grains: Offering to the Nature Spirits

Horn: For the Hallowing of the Blessing

Spirits: Offering to Deity of the occasion and another for Hallowing of the Blessing

Bell: Ritual Charm

Fire: Fire Representation to be placed toward the East with Oil offering for Cosmos

Sage: For smudging

Incense: Atmosphere

Tobacco: Offering to the Ancestors

Tree: Tree Representation to be places toward the North

Herbs:Tree offering for Cosmos

Well: Well Representation to be placed toward the West; used for saining, and  Silver offering for Cosmos