Back to school

Summers get busy and it can be expensive when you have a family and you just want them to have fun. But harder still is Back to School.  Brand name clothing, the new hot trend in back packs and exhaustive lists from teachers can add up quickly.

The Grove of Nova Scotia Druids is always looking for way to help our community and with most of us being parents we know the stress back to school can bring. To that end we have banded together some funds and coordinated with a local food bank to help meet the needs of families in our area. 


A big thanks to the Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank for their helpful information and guidance as we shopped for precious essentials.


 On a more personal note: This was one of the first time I really sat down and explained why we donate to my 3-year-old. I know this lesson isn’t over and I am going to keep doing charitable things while involving him but I feel it is important to start explaining WHY at a young age. I am hoping that this will become normal and a way of life for him. I hope that showing him that some people don’t have access to the resources he has will help him to be more appreciative of those resources. Of all the aspirations I have for my child this has been something I have thought about since his conception.

I recall being young and in the Catholic Church where I knew exactly what to do but never why I was doing it. I did not understand the weight and symbolism of the faith and would blindly practice without emotion or sincerity. I was part of, what today would be considered a large family with 4 kids. It was all my parents could do to get us lined up; well dressed and to church without having the energy to really explain WHY. They were strongly devoted and though we all went though our baptisms and first communions none of the children have continued to practice as my parents did. It’s been my experience that if we want to show others the value in our actions and beliefs, they need to understand WHY things happen the way we do.

Brightest Blessings to you and yours and may your returns to the school year be seamless and full of smiles.