Ritual Baths


With the recent passing of the Super Wolf Blood Moon I had asked some friends how they planned to celebrate (unashamedly looking for fun ideas myself) one, said she was going to have a ritual bath and meditate. This sounded like a great idea and since I'd had a bath without a toddler in it, it felt VERY magical indeed.

It made me start to contemplate the ritual of a cleansing bath.Of course the bath cleanses your body of dirt...we all know that but what more can it do for you?


The idea behind a Ritual Bath is very simple. The idea being that you use the bath to purify yourself outward and inward using water, herbs/oils and intent. Usually, this is preparation for ritual but not always, sometimes you just need a good emotional and spiritual scrubbing.

This practice isn't unique to Paganism. Many religions use bathing as a means of purification. In Judaism it is known as the Mikveh. In Buddhism, they use a tsukubai to purify your face and hands before practice. Wherever you are and whatever you call it, the idea being that you focus your energy and cleans your mind, body and soul. Use the time to reflect and mediate on removing negativity.

Doesn't this sound awesome? Wouldn't you like to know how to do it? I can help!

Firstly, set the mood. Find yourself a private space with some peace and quiet. The goal is to set yourself up for success and you want this bath to be not only cleansing but empowering. You may want to light some candles or enjoy some natural light. Consider lighting a scented candle or some incense to purify the air while you relax into your warm soak.

Draw your bath and while doing so, consider hanging a satchel of dried herbs on the faucet or carefully adding essential oils to the tub.

I recommend any of the following hers or oils to be used for cleansing:




Lemon Balm







I also like to add Epsom salts to help relieve lactic acid to further purify and relax my body and thereby my mind.


Finally, you may wish to add some music or nature sounds to complete the mood.

As you soak in your tub contemplate and visualize any negativity seeping form your body. This may take some time. You will need to unwind and then begin your practice. Focus on the warmth enveloping your body. Breath deeply and enjoy the natural oils you've added. Allow your mind to wander down a path of cleansing and healing. Relax your eyes, close them and tune in to your own personal rhythm, become aware of your body's needs; recognize tensions and slowly allow them to seep away. When you feel that all of the negativity and tension has left your body, refocus on how relieving and mentally / spiritually energizing this process has been. See your body as whole and pure and when you are ready, get out of the tub and retrieve the plug to let all the negative energy go away. You should leave your tub feeling grounded and connected to yourself.

I hope yo have enjoyed this post and that you all have wonderful baths planned.

Blessed Be,