Beltane Traditions

With May 1st just around the corner, I thought it a good idea to post some traditional Beltane activities. You can do these with your family, Grove or even in solidarity. Whichever works best for you. Take your time and practice mindfulness. Everything you do can be Spiritual this time of year (or any for that matter)

Beltane is the third in Spring Holidays and it celebrates the return of fertility to the land. It is a time where the veil between the two worlds is thin and a chance to promote fertility and purity where ever you seek it. Below a couple traditional activities for Beltane (May 1st)


Traditionally a large pole is erect with eight or so ribbons attached to be held while dancing creating a braid around the pole. This action symbolizes the union of the masculine and feminine with representations of both respective energies.



Well, it’s exciting! This time of year is best celebrated with children and children love to dance. The upward momentum aids in improving moods and displaying oneself. Not to mention it is just plain fun. At one time dancing would have aided main a young couple with courtship. May is a good time of year for Handfastings or year and a day ceremonies.



We all love fire. Fire is used to purify and protect. Farmers and villages would at one point guide cattle thought two large fires to bless them for the year. You can pass though two fires or (with care) jump the fire to promote blessings, purification and promote fertility in any way you seek it.


Land tending:

This would be my favourite. Just last week with all the snow melted I tidied much of the debris from my poor winter swept lawn and it was fantastic. May is a good time to rake, clean, plane and fertilize. This is a perfect activity for any Druid looking to commune with nature and deal with the Honey-Do list. Promote fertility in your own land.


I hope this has helped you think of fun ideas for your practice, whatever form it takes. Blessed Beltane Everyone!